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Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next (Lyrics) ((FULL))

Grande explained in an interview that "thank u, next..." is a phrase that she and fellow singer/songwriter Victoria Monét use.[10][11] The lyrics acknowledge four of her past relationships: "Thought I'd end up with Sean/ But he wasn't a match/ Wrote some songs about Ricky/ Now I listen and laugh/ Even almost got married/ And for Pete, I'm so thankful/ Wish I could say 'Thank you' to Malcolm/ 'Cause he was an angel" refer to Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson, and the late Mac Miller, respectively.[12]

Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Lyrics)

The song spawned an Internet meme, inspired by the lyrics "One taught me love/ one taught me patience/ one taught me pain".[15] The title of the song, "thank u, next" also began to be popularly used among those on the internet in a similar fashion to the way it is used in the song.[16]

"Thank U, Next" received widespread acclaim from music critics. Markos Papadatos from Digital Journal said the song is an "ode to gratitude, an anthem to a fresh start and new beginnings, where she is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable; Grande's vulnerability is the listener's reward." He also said the song is "sultry, cathartic and expressive" and praised Grande's breathy vocals as "pristine and heavenly, and it is evident the pop throne is still hers. 'thank u, next' garners an A rating."[17]

Brittany Spanos from Rolling Stone said despite what the title may suggest, the song is "surprisingly gracious, a balm and a sticky note reminder on the heart that sometimes it's not about life getting better; it's about wanting to better yourself" and praised Grande for delivering one of the very few pop songs to promote real, true self-love."[20] Megan Reynolds from Jezebel stated the song is not the "anthem of a spurned lover, looking to destroy everything in her path. Instead, Grande took a page from the book of Mariah Carey: 'thank u, next' is a motivational narrative powered by pettiness". She also remarked the song works beautifully around how unbothered it is "here is pettiness for mostly good with a dash of evil, subverting the traditional spurned lover subtweet of the sort preferred by an artist like Taylor Swift. Not all music that comes out of heartbreak has to be introspective, but it is often so much better when it is. Fame rushes people towards a sort of forced maturity in many ways. Pettiness, when used for good, is quite powerful."[21]

Either way, Alvarez is obviously fine with it. After posting his funny video, he shared a note for Grande that said, "nothing but gratitude. thank u, next. (those songs are fire tho... you're welcome.)"

Although the chorus of "thank you, next" is definitely poking fun at the way pop culture reports on her relationships, Ariana also takes a straightforward, sweet tone of self-love and acceptance with a later lyric: "Plus, I met someone else / We havin' better discussions / I know they say I move on too fast / But this one gon' last /'Cause her name is Ari."

She has finally arrived! About six months after releasing her 2018 album sweetener back in August, Ariana Grande's highly anticipated fifth full-length studio album thank u, next is officially here. thank u, next includes all of our faves that Ari has previously shared with fans like the title track "thank u, next," "imagine" and "7 Rings," plus nine other new songs we've all been waiting for.

With the arrival of thank u, next, Grande is set to have a huge 2019 as she is nominated for two Grammy Awards and is heading out on her "sweetener" world tour. Ari is also up for six iHeartRadio Music Awards, seven counting Piggy Smallz's nomination for Cutest Musician's Pet. Ari is also nominated for Female Artist of the Year, Best Fan Army presented by Taco Bell, Best Lyrics, Best Music Video and Songs That Left Us Shook for "thank u, next," and Best Cover Song for her cover of "Natural Woman." Fans can vote through March 7th, and March 13th for Best Fan Army via Twitter using the appropriate category and nominee hashtags, or by visiting

Speaking of Songs That Left Us Shook, many of Ari's lyrics have left us shook after listening to the entirety of thank u, next. Take a look at all of the thank u, next lyrics that are a big, big mood below.

During her performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards, Ariana Grande changed her "thank u, next" lyrics to reflect changes in her life. The lyric change was specifically about both of her parents who were sitting in the audience. People watching at home took note, especially when it appeared that Grande had gotten emotional during the performance.

A lot has changed in the year and two months since thank u, next was released. Grande spent Thanksgiving with both of her parents for the first time in 18 years in 2019 after they divorced when she was 8.

But even Grande was able to note these major changes in her life. As she explained in a tweet when "thank u, next" turned a year old in November, "I can't believe I've spent more time alone this year than I have in my life, I can't believe how many sessions with my therapist I've had, how many times I've sung this song, how much I've learned and healed, how much I still have to learn and heal!" 041b061a72


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