ExposingReligiousAbuse.com is a platform creating awareness of widespread abuses perpetrated by organized religious groups, particularly on women and children. This online resource will provide:

  • Support for those trapped in controlling religious situations around the world.

  •  Assistance in the process of achieving freedom of thought for those individuals.

  •  Education and accountability for religious leaders to identify and stop religious abuse.

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Lindsay is a missionary kid who was born and raised in an evangelical mission agency (New Tribes Mission, now Ethnos 360). She has a lifetime of experience in the evangelical world, from boarding school in Panama, to college, to the start of her career at an evangelical NGO.

Griffin graduated from BIOLA  University with a degree in Intercultural Studies and Political Science; she received her M.A. in Political Science from Cal State Fullerton.

She worked as an advocate in international human rights for 16 years, with a focus on freedom of religion, conscience, and belief for religious minorities. Her work was primarily focused with the US Congress, governmental agencies, the UN, and foreign governments. Lindsay now works for a local non-profit in Utah.