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MS Project: Pros and Cons of the Popular Project Management Software - Toggl

projectmanager is a free, online solution that requires no purchase of additional software. its available as an add-in to microsoft office. if youre an office 365 subscriber, you already have projectmanager in your office 365 apps. if youre not a subscriber, you can sign up for a 30-day trial and then subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan. projectmanager is available for windows, mac, and linux. pricing starts at $29 a month for a single-user plan and goes up depending on the number of users and the number of features.

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unlike microsoft project, projectmanager is not limited to the windows operating system. and unlike many other microsoft project alternatives, projectmanager is not based on microsoft project. projectmanager is a completely new product. the interface is different from microsoft project and the functionality that projectmanager provides is different from microsoft project. and the database that projectmanager uses is different from the microsoft project database.

the most obvious difference between projectmanager and microsoft project is the interface. projectmanager has a clean and simple look, with large and bright buttons that you can see at a glance. microsoft project has a cluttered look, with lots of menus and toolbars. but projectmanager has lots of features, so there are lots of toolbars that you can use to customize the interface to your liking. you can customize the look of the interface using projectmanager plug-ins. and you can add custom toolbars to the interface as well.

this means that you can use the plug-ins to customize the interface as you see fit. but you can also customize other aspects of the application. for example, you can customize the database. for example, you can have it use sql server, mysql, or your local database. you can also customize the calculation engine. for example, you can have it use microsoft excel, or a spreadsheet that you build in projectmanager.


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