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Interview with Nathan Morse Exposes Ethnos 360/New Tribes Mission Complicity in Child Abuse

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

ERA interviewed NTM missionary kid and former missionary, Nathan Morse, regarding his personal experiences of child abuse within NTM in Panama. This is the first time much of this abuse has been revealed publicly including naming specific abusers, which is important not only for abuse survivors, but also for accountability. Nathan also discusses his extensive efforts to work with NTM /Ethnos 360 towards repentance and accountability, and the continuing efforts this mission agency engages in to cover-up their past and current abuses. A special thanks to Nathan not only for sharing his story, but for the tremendous efforts he has made over the years to support other NTM abuse survivors, to positively engage Ethnos 360/NTM urging reform, and for the documentation he provided to assist in writing my book.

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Watching this interview was validating and healing for me... thank you for your courage and truthspeak!


Thank you Nathan Morse for all you have done for abused MKs.


% of abuse of MKs is 100% when you consider the emotional and spiritual abuse.


Asking a child to pull down their pants when beating them, don't call it spanking, is legally sexually abuse. Don't cover it over with nice words.

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