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Buckethead - Dawn Appears

Buckethead (or sometimes Death Cube K ), his real name Brian Patrick Carroll (born May 13, 1969), is a guitarist and American composer. Buckethead always appears masked and carries an overturned cardboard bucket on his head, from where he gets his stage name. He rarely leaves home and avoids exposing himself in public. He answers the interviews via a puppet named Herbie>. His musical style is very varied and oscillates between progressive metal, funk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, ambient, and avant-garde music. Buckethead is famous for wearing a KFC brand bucket on its head. He incorporates nunchaku and dance elements of the robot during his performances on stage >>>.

Buckethead - Dawn Appears

Commonly called bucketheads by protesting galactic citizens, these dedicated and honorable Empire serving soldiers have an instantly recognizable sound on the silver screen. Most noticeable is the narrow bandwidth of the voice analogous to a CB radio or Walkie-talkie. This narrow bandwidth is located in the low mid to high mid frequency range and is accompanied by a 2 kHz resonant peak. The signal is also highly compressed and slightly overdriven, which gives it a lo-fi quality. Its other iconic attribute is the radio receiver squelch circuit sound heard before and after a line of dialogue. This varies in sound and can be heard as audible clicks and short noise bursts. With the analysis done, we can now move on to recreating this classic sound in our droid lab. 041b061a72


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