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Where To Buy Tuffy's Dog Food UPD

Many new owners wonder where their rescue dog should sleep on that first night at home. Most vets recommend using a crate because it not only replicates a cozy dog den, it also helps keep them safe. Some owners keep the crate in their bedroom for the first few nights because being in the same space allows you to help the dog feel safer and rest easier.

where to buy tuffy's dog food

The new facility was designed to keep in view food safety at every step. The layout clearly divides employee traffic flows, air flows, and state-of-the-art cooking, drying, coating, cooling and conveying equipment. While streamlining the processes, the basic plan focuses more on food safety and efficiency.

The Avure QFP 525L-600 measures up to the production needs of today's high volume food processor, offering the highest throughput in the industry with features to minimize operating costs and maximize uptime.

Consuming elevated levels of vitamin D in dog food can cause adverse reactions in dogs of all sizes, including symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss. When ingested at excessive levels, vitamin D can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction.

After several years of running the successful pet food business, Tuffy Nelson decided to semi-retire and sold the business. Although the pet food business continued operations in Perham, it changed hands a few times and in 2001 the current owners decided to close the Perham plant, potentially leaving roughly 150 employees jobless and leaving the town with a shuttered processing facility.

Finished kibble is stored in bins that discharge to vibratory conveyors and feed the packaging machines.Building the new facility from the ground up allowed the company to place each stage of the process in its own dedicated room with some key processes in their own buildings. Completely removed from the dry processing facility is the milling and dry ingredient blending as well as the meat processing facility. Ingredients are blown and pumped to the dry pet food processing facility through pipes from the milling facility and the meat facility. No employees working in the mill or the meat building are allowed into the dry pet food facility.

Tuffy's, based in Perham, Minnesota, USA, is indeed unique, and not just because of its ownership. Its history and collaboration with other divisions of its parent company, KLN Enterprises, brings a distinctive knowledge to pet food manufacturing.

All this adds up to growth of over 30% a year. While that may not be unique in the dynamic pet food industry, it does make the case for-as Tuffy's national sales manager, Jim Farrell, puts it-striving to "be who we are and keep within our niche."

Part of who the company is includes 40-plus years of manufacturing its own pet food, beginning in 1964 when founder Darrell "Tuffy" Nelson and his son, Kenny, developed the Tuffy's line of dog and cat food as an off-shoot of its livestock and poultry feed business begun in 1947. Pet food sales soon took off, leading the company to discontinue manufacturing feed.

At that point Nelson also became involved in his family's company, which, in the years it was not making pet food, had created two other businesses: human snacks and licorice. "We were able to bring some of that expertise on the manufacturing side of human products back to the manufacturing side of pet food, so it was a very nice fit for us," he says. "All three companies have been able to share knowledge and experience. That really separates us, we believe, from others in the pet food industry. To own our facility, be hands on and have that expertise is key for us."

"When the family took over again in 2001, work started immediately on a superpremium line of products," says Chuck Orvik, product specialist for Nutrisource. "That work went on to make Nutrisource a broad set of products that used all the nutritional knowledge, all the ingredient knowledge available in 2001 and 2002-it took about two years to develop. That became our main product line." This fall the company will introduce a line of wet pet food products under the brand.

Recently Tuffy's added cat food to the Natural Planet Organic brand. Another point of pride is that the company donates a portion of proceeds from sales of the line to Angels of Hope, a group that places angel statues in memory of children who have died.

The family emphasis is not just a warm and fuzzy sentiment; it's part of the company's business strategy as a key differentiator from competitors. "We like to do business with family owned distributors and retailers, and that's how we set ourselves apart," says Farrell. "That's what we like to be known for: as somebody big enough to have a high-quality pet food but also able to take care of independent retailers' needs, ensure their profitability and keep that relationship."

The family touch extends even to consumers. "They contact us all the time with questions and compliments about how great our products are," says Paula Sucher, sales coordinator. "Their dogs that were old and crippled and sleeping by the fireplace are now back hunting again after eating our food.

Tuffy's Classic Hi-Pro Dog Food gives your pet superior nutrition in a scientifically formulated, easy-to-digest food. Tuffy's Classic Hi-Pro is a rich source of protein, and is an optimum source of highly digestible carbohydrates, providing your dog with complete and balanced nutrition.

At the outset, the company aims to hire about 50 new employees at the Delano plant. Within the first couple years, KLN plans to hire more than 100 additional workers, Nelson says. The company currently employs about 500 workers between its existing facilities in Perham. (KLN operates a pet food plant and a candy plant in the city.)

Transition InstructionsIt takes time to transition your pet to a new food without having digestive upset. Over the course of one to two weeks, you should gradually switch from the old food to the new. Start with a 75% old to 25% new mix, then 50:50, and finally 25:75, until you have switched to NutriSource food entirely.

Tuffy's Pet Foods is recalling about 1,600 cases of its salmon dog food after the food's manufacturer told Tuffy's the product could contain elevated levels of vitamin D, which can be dangerous to canines.

The company said Monday that no pet illnesses or deaths have been connected to the Pure Vita Salmon Entrée Dog Food so far, and the food's manufacturer has determined the production error and is working to fix it. The potentially tainted food was sold only in the United States, at retail stores and through other distributors.

Anyone in possession of the listed salmon food should stop feeding it to their dogs right away. If your dog has consumed some of it, contact your veterinarian. You can also return the food to the retailer where you bought it for a full refund.

The legacy business that has been passed on to a second and now a third generation of Nelsons has evolved from offerings of pet food to sweet and salty snacks, and back again. The family brand that has exerted its corporate and community influence on the city of Perham is now making its mark just three hours south, outside the Twin Cities, in the city of Delano.

Just shy of three years ago, the company broke ground on its 173,500-square-foot pet treat plant and since then, operations have been in full force. With the pet treat production barely at full operational capacity, the company has already adjusted its original production plans and branched out into the uncharted territory of canned pet food production.

As a member of our grain inclusive series of dog foods, NutriSource Choice Recipes are formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for all life stages at an entry level price point.NutriSource Choice grain inclusive formulas deliver compact nutrition and inclu 041b061a72


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