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Daedric Face Of Terror HOT!

Daedric Boots/Daedric Shield-Glam Daeous, on a shelf, in the room to the left of the door into the upper area. The shield is located in the room where Raxle Berne is, just levitate up and you will find it.Daedric Greaves-Dren Plantation, on the shelf next to Orvas DrenDaedric Curiass/Daedric L Pauldron-In Mournhold, go to the Plaza Brindisi Dorum, into Heartfire Hall, Passage of Whispers, to Radacs Forge, use a Dwenmer Satchel pack to blow a hole into the next area. Walk to the next wall(that you can blow up) and use a dwenmer satchel pack. You'll know that your in the right area when you end up in a puddle of water. Swim forward until you make it to the Daedric Part, now go right into The Teeth That Gnash, into the Citadel of Myn Dur(just like in the MQ). Now levitate up to the very top of the right side of the room and enter the door. Start out from the entrance of the wailingdelve. Drop down to the first rock and jump across the chasm, to the second rock. The Daedric Curiass is on that rock. The Daedric L Pauldron, is along the path of the first waterfall(that runs flat along the rocks) in plain sight. I advise using Night Eye, just to help you see them.Daedric R Pauldron-Go to Castle Kaarstag, on Solstheim, leveitate on top of the castle and enter the only door. Kill the Riekling, and take the pauldron form the bootom of the wall(it's hidden in a crack).L and R Daedric Guantlets-In the bleeding Heart section of Kogruhn(way underground). Near the Shadow Shield, both are on the same rock.(the Shadow Shield is used in the main quest, so if you take it, keep it)Daedric Face of Inspiration(least strong)-Found in Souls Rattle(west of your redoran stronghold, over the mountain, then west of the Daedric shrine. The entrance faces east). Go into the very last area, until you find a female dunmer, kill her. Theres a trough that is next to her, that has the Daedric Face of Inspiration and The Fang of Haykymyett, a strong dagger.Daedric Face of Terror(second strongest)-Found on the ground near Elidon's Ward, in Ibar-dad.Daedric Face of God(The strongest of them all)-In Marvani Ancestral tomb, go into the underground section, through the maze, into the lvl. 90 locked door. Levitate up between a very small space and you will find a skill book, a Daedric Face of God, and A Daedric War Hammer.Daedric Tower Shield-Random Golden Saints carry them, no definite location has been found.Feather Daedric ArmorThere are two unique pieces of Daedric Armor, that have a CE of 50 pt. feather(Daedric Curiass and Daedric Greaves).Join house Telvanni, and andvance high enough, so you can do the quest for Mistress Therana, in Tel Branora. Do exactly as she says and get Auriel's Bow(from Ghostgate, tower of dawn). Return it to her, give her the bow and ACCEPT her gift. You will recieve the armor pieces.

Daedric Face Of Terror



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