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Buy Bmw X5 7 Seater Fixed

The three X5 model variants, the X5 xDrive40i, X5 xDrive45e, and X5 M50i are all standard 5-seater vehicles. That said, it is possible to upgrade the xDrive40i model to a 7-seater by opting for the third-row package. When not in use, the additional two seats can be folded down to increase storage space.

buy bmw x5 7 seater

The core model variants of the 2020 BMW X5 are 5-seaters and do not have a third row. However, there is an upgrade package for the xDrive40i models that lets you add a third row, making it possible to fit seven people at once.

Manufactured since 1999, the BMW X5 has gone through four generations and several naming conventions for each of the versions of the crossover. BMW has issued a range of facelifts and generational updates for these vehicles. On eBay, you can choose from different specifications, versions, engine options, and colours of a new or gently used BMW X5 7-seater for sale at a reasonable price.

In the first generation, the BMW X5 7-seaters had engine options including inline-6s, V8s, and diesels. In their second generation, the engine sizes were upgraded, with the addition of the V-8 turbo, 555 horsepower. For the third generation, BMW offered the X5 7-seaters with options including a 450 horsepower V8 petrol and two diesel engines, which were six-cylinder in-line units, producing 258 horsepower to 381 horsepower. Engines for the fourth generation include a B58 turbocharged inline-6 petrol, N63 V8 petrol, and B57 inline-6 turbo diesel. 041b061a72


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