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Since we have performed some slight enumeration on our VNC server, it is time to test the Authentication Mechanism. In previous steps, we saw that to connect to the server, we require the password. We will try to perform a Bruteforce Attack. It is not exactly a blunt Bruteforce, more like a planned dictionary with possible and weak passwords. We used Hydra to perform the attack. It requires us to provide a password dictionary, IP Address of the Server, and port on which the service is running. After working for a while, we can see that Hydra was able to crack the password for the VNC server, it is 12345678.

andftp pro apk crack 27

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In the previous section, we were able to capture the Challenge and the Response for the authentication of VNC. If we want to connect to a service, we require a password that we can enter. To do this we will decipher the password from the challenge and response. We need to install the tool called vncrack_s for this task. We used the wget to get it downloaded on our Kali machine. As it was in a compressed file, we use gunzip for decompressing it. To run the tool, we need to provide the execution permissions to it.

As we pose as an attacker, we can able to capture all the traffic and pose as the Man-in-the-middle. This means that we retain the Authentication Challenge and Response and with the help of the VNCrack we can perform a Bruteforce attack and crack the password for VNC.

However, it provided us with a method to get the credentials for UltraVNC in different methods. You can use the process and tools that we used previously but you can also use this Post Exploitation Tool in the Metasploit Framework that can help with extracting the Hashed password and then cracking it as well.


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