Exposing Religious Abuse

I grew up in the 1980’s and 1990’s in a rural Panamanian town named La Paz de Chame. My parents worked with New Tribes Mission (now renamed Ethnos 360 after so many accounts of child abuse emerged). I lived at the NTM boarding school on a fenced and gated compound. Nearly everything in my life was controlled by the NTM executive committee in Panama, to whom my parents reported, and by other NTM missionary teachers and dorm parents. They had a communal parenting style in which

All God’s Children

Child abuse in Protestant missions’ spans decades, continents, in more than 20 agencies with the unifying factor being destructive missiology. “I was sacrificed.” “It's hard to talk about how cruel and vicious these people were without seeming to exaggerate it….truly remarkable that people could be so sadistic to innocents.” “Time doesn't heal all wounds.” These are just a few quotes from the poignant documentary, All God’s Children, which gives viewers a window into the horr